Homeless Coalition - Port Charlotte


Slack Serves, Inc is completely grateful for all the volunteer real estate agents who attended our charity event this past Friday, July 30th at “The Charlotte County Homeless Coalition 1476 Kenesaw St, Port Charlotte, FL 33948″.

In addition, we would like to thank The Charlotte County Coalition for the Homeless for making us part of their amazing initiative to serve the community. We had some great agents @Robert Slack LLC who participated in the event and would like to highlight their effort and work:

Laurie Goodwyne, REALTOR® and Regional Coordinator in Sarasota for Slack Serves

Laura Allison, Sarasota Team Leader | REALTOR® 

Jackie McNeill-Craig, REALTOR®

Nancy Hendrick, REALTOR®

Bradley Hill, REALTOR®

Maria Santana, REALTOR®

Matt Kole, Broward Team Leader | REALTOR®

Our vision as an organization is to contribute to the growth and development of our communities. This is only the beginning of a future of hope and solidarity for those who need it most.

Having the opportunity to join forces with neighboring organizations that share our ideas and express through actions our way of changing people’s lives… one home at a time is without a doubt rewarding. To all of you who are making a difference, we say