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We Are Slack Serves

Changing Lives... One Home at a Time

Slack Serves

Who We Are

Slack Serves, Inc is a non-profit organization that was created out of a passion to serve and help our local communities. We want to inspire our associates and employees to get involved in activities that can change the lives of those in need.

Slack Serves is a Robert Slack Foundation and a coalition of all Robert Slack companies and affiliates with the sole focus of serving our colleagues and our local communities.

Slack Serves

Our Goals

Supporting Colleagues and Families: Strengthen and expand the emergency assistance fund to provide timely financial support to associates and their families facing life-altering emergencies.

Community Engagement and Volunteerism: Encourage active involvement of employees and associates in community projects across Florida, Georgia, and Colorado. Foster a sense of purpose and community involvement among employees and associates.

Sustainability and Growth: Secure long-term funding for the emergency assistance fund while expanding the organization's reach.

What We Do

Support Our Team

Through our emergency assistance fund, we provide financial support for our colleagues and their families who are experiencing life-altering emergencies and unexpected hardship.

Help Our Communities

We inspire our affiliates and employees to get involved in their communities to help those in need. We volunteer in different projects and causes to help make a difference.

Slack Serves

How to Help and Get Help

This program will not only help our colleagues in times of need but also people within the community as well. We want to inspire our associates and employees experiencing success to help change the lives of those in need.

How Do We Serve Our Communities?

In addition to helping with a monetary donation, you can help with volunteer time.

Our Regional Coordinators partner with local charitable organizations and plan volunteer events quarterly. Check out our calendar of events and/or contact your Regional Coordinator to learn more!

Who Do We Help?

Slack Serves is here to provide a degree of assistance to Robert Slack LLC, Florida Title LLC, and Florida Funding LLC associates and their families with hardship as a result of a sudden emergency. We also want to support local organizations that serve the communities where our associates live and work.

How Do You Request Help?

If you have an emergency remember to first call 911. To apply for help from our SAF - slack assistance fund, complete the FORM or email us at The Board will review your need or any request to help in your community. Our committee and Board of Directors will make the final decision after evaluating the case.

Upcoming Events

What We Have Done

Money Donated


Money Donated

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Volunteer Hour


Volunteer Hours




Slack Serves

Meet Our Volunteers

Welcome to an inspiring journey through the heart of Slack Serves! We're delighted to introduce you to the extraordinary individuals who have dedicated their time and passion to make a difference in our communities. Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and their stories are a testament to the power of compassion and service. Join us as we shine a spotlight on these remarkable individuals and discover the impact they're creating with their unwavering commitment to our mission.

Slack Serves

Volunteer Spotlight

Jennifer Cobb has been awarded Slack Serves Regional Coordinator of the Year in 2023! In grateful recognition of her exceptional leadership, unwavering commitment, tireless efforts, and remarkable achievements as the coordinator for Slack Serves in Orlando.

Her team demonstrated the highest level of participation in events throughout the year and achieved remarkable milestones. They secured victory in the Derby Fundraising event in May, earned recognition as a Top Donor Team, and led them to success by coordinating over eight events this year.

Her exemplary attendance, active participation, and seamless event coordination have set a standard of excellence, while your ability to engage and mobilize your team is truly commendable. We deeply appreciate your relentless drive to make a positive impact and your genuine love for the communities we serve.


I would like to share a message I have today for all of you. Please take a moment to read over my message. Thank you. Looking back at the beginning of my journey with Robert Slack in 2017, I cannot help but recall the nervousness I felt while talking to Mr. Robert Slack, unknowingly fidgeting my hands many times to the point he gently told me to put them in my pockets. He was such an amazing help in building my conf... Read More

Lorena Upton

I am writing to you to Thank You, Slack Serves, and all the members of the Robert Slack Family for the generous donation you sent me in this time of tragedy and hardship with the loss of My Beloved husband Aldo Vega who was a real estate agent working with Robert Slack. I also wanted to thank you because you were his last job, and he was so excited about the opportunity that you gave him, and he was up till his last... Read More

Yami Godoy

I am overwhelmed by emotion. I am expressing my deepest gratitude for the grant you provided me after the accident I experienced on the 4th of July. I am a proud person, and sometimes, it is hard to accept support from others as I enjoy giving my time and money. This support will be instrumental in helping me navigate the challenges that arose due to my inability to work during this time. The funds you generously pr... Read More

With my utmost love and respect,
Jenise Lebron

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